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Ella + Abby

Hi guys!! My name is Ella, and I am so excited to tell you all about me and my doggie sister Abby because we are the dogs of the month at our favorite place, Off the Leash!!! I am a nine years young boxer puppy and Abby is a 3 year old beagle pup and and we have both been coming to OTL since we were only 4 months old!! Every Wednesday morning when my mom tells Abby and me that we are going to get to come play with my puppy friends at off the leash, I wag my tail so fast it makes my whole body wiggle and I run to the door and sit to wait! Everybody there takes such good care us,  whether we are there for daycare, to get a bath and manicure or a super fun sleepover! 


Abby and I live with our three human siblings, Claire, Rowan and Maeve. I used to be the only dog in the family but my mom and dad thought I could use a buddy and one day they brought Abby home. I quickly realized how much fun it is to have another dog around to play with all the time and she has become my very best friend. We nap together and snuggle together, moving from one sunny spot to the next all day long. Sometimes we play tug of war or fetch together. My most favorite thing to play with in the whole wide world is a tennis ball- I once got so excited playing with a tennis ball that I accidentally swallowed it- but that’s another story.....Abby loves to play fetch with her teddy bear, she could fetch that for hooooooours……. 


Even though we are best friends, Abby and I are very different- ask any of my friends at OTL and they will tell you that my most favorite thing in the world is FOOD! If you give me a Wendy's hamburger, I'll be your BFF!! In fact, every year Santa puts a Wendy's gift card in my stocking!! Every time my family takes me and Abby to ANY drive through, I charm the people who work there into giving us treats, whether its CVS, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. I’m not much for exercise, long walks are not my idea of a good time-  in fact, I sometimes try to sit down or turn around to pull my mom and dad home... You could say I am more of a couch potato. Abby on the other hand loves long walks and running around outside in all weather. She acts like a crazy girl in the snow and she and loves to get out and sniff when its warm out and even play in the kids kiddie pool!!! One of her favorite places to go is Borderland because there is so much there for her to see and smell. She is much more of an "outdoorsy girl", you could say. But at the end of the day, despite all our differences, we really are the best of friends and we end all our days snuggling up together on our parents bed. 


Most of all, we both think we are so lucky to have found Off the Leash all those years ago and we just love our friends there so much. Thank you for nominating us both as the doggies of the month!!!!  

This Months Features!

Nutritional Consults!
Nutritional Consults!

Nutritional consulting and meal plan development: Navigate the daunting world of dog food and choose the best fuel for your friend! We’ll discuss your dog’s nutritional needs, their personal preferences, the canine digestive system and what additional foods or supplements to keep your bud feeling their best! Dogs with digestive issues are provided with tools to track issues and identify causation of digestive upset. Cost is $50. Email for more information! Nutritional Consultant: Liz White, CBCC-KA

New Saturday Hours!
New Saturday Hours!

Beginning September 1st, our Saturday hours of operation changed! The front lobby area will be closed from 10am - 2pm.
Drop Off: 9am - 10am
Pick Up: 2pm - 4pm

Drop Off: 8:00am - 10:00am
Pick Up: 8:00am - 10:00am or 2pm - 4pm