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Peggy Sue’s Story

Featured in the Letter From The Editor, Animal Print Magazine: The story of Peggy Sue!

Some of you may remember a story a little over a year ago about a Boston Terrier mix I was fostering thru the group “Friends of Homeless Animals”. Peggy Sue was one of those hard luck cases that I feared a heartbreaking outcome for. During her stay at my home, she began exhibiting some pretty serious reactive aggression behaviors to things which threatened her. I had no experience with this, so I called in reinforcements in the form of animal behaviorist, Katenna Jones. Katenna spent the day with us, helping us learn just what might be going on with her. This was clearly going to be a long road, filled with constant training, and a lot of patience. Her odds of now finding a forever home had dwindled to what I believed was zero. After all, who would fall in love and want to invest so much of their love, life and time in a dog with “issues”. Well that all changed the day I got an email from Megan & Ben. They had read about Peggy Sue’s story in the Animal Print and said they would like to meet her - Megan said there was something about her story and photo that touched them so deeply that they felt compelled to write. (of the many thousands of folks that may have read Peggy Sue’s story, they were the only ones to reach out). I had no idea at the time, but this was truly meant to be. I recently received a letter from Megan & Ben which, brought me to tears, very happy tears, and I would like to share it with you - please read an excerpt below: 

      Hard to believe that it has been over a year since we adopted her...where does the time go? We’ll never be able to thank you enough for saving Peggy Sue and helping on her journey to finding her forever home! We love her more than anything and can’t remember a day of our lives without her. It really has been a great year. Lucy and Peggy Sue are loving sisters and best buddies! They love to wrestle, go on long walks and snuggle! They still go to daycare twice a week...and the staff at Off The Leash have been wonderful with Peggy Sue! It means the world to us that she has another place where she can can go and feel safe and comfortable...a place where she can play with her friends and just be a happy dog. She loves her groomer at OTL (Vanessa), and actually gives her kisses now. Who would have thought? She still has some triggers that we continue to work on, but we have become very good at recognizing them and avoiding stressful situations. We really have seen so much growth in her over the past year. She is great walking around our neighborhood, but her favorite though are walks in the woods and on the beach! Thank you again for saving her...we just wanted you to know how happy and loved she is in her forever home. She means the world to us! Megan & Ben.         


I cannot thank Megan & Ben enough for being so wonderful, caring and saving this amazing little dog. You are what makes fostering so rewarding.

Thank You,

Stephanie Georgia Editor


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Nutritional Consults!
Nutritional Consults!

Nutritional consulting and meal plan development: Navigate the daunting world of dog food and choose the best fuel for your friend! We’ll discuss your dog’s nutritional needs, their personal preferences, the canine digestive system and what additional foods or supplements to keep your bud feeling their best! Dogs with digestive issues are provided with tools to track issues and identify causation of digestive upset. Cost is $50. Email for more information! Nutritional Consultant: Liz White, CBCC-KA

New Saturday Hours!
New Saturday Hours!

Beginning September 1st, our Saturday hours of operation changed! The front lobby area will be closed from 10am - 2pm.
Drop Off: 9am - 10am
Pick Up: 2pm - 4pm

Drop Off: 8:00am - 10:00am
Pick Up: 8:00am - 10:00am or 2pm - 4pm