Attleboro's first doggie daycare!



Single Visit: $34
5 Pack: $160 ($32 per day)
10 Pack: $290 ($29 per day)
20 Pack: $540 ($27 per day)
Saturday Daycare:  $26 per day
Saturday 5 Pack: $125 ($25 per day)
Saturday 10 Pack: $240 ($24 per day)
Puppy Start Right (for puppies age 16-20 weeks): $38
We offer a 10% discount for multiple dogs within the same family. 
All packages must be used within 6 months. 


$23 per night plus your current daycare rate

We offer a 10% discount for stays longer than 5 nights and for multiple dogs within in the same family.

One on One Training

Petey's Pals: $43 per day
Petey's Pals 5 Pack: $205 ($41 per day)
In Home Training:  $100 per hour

Group Classes

AKC Star Puppy: $200
Obedience Level 1: $200
Canine Good Citizen (CGC): $200


Fetch: $10, 15 minutes
Nature Walk: $12, 20 minutes
Neighborhood Walk: $6, 10 minutes
Arts n crafts: depends on the craft, 30 minutes
Brush out: $10
Massage Time: $10, 15 minutes
Training Session: $15, 15 minutes

This Months Features!

Nutritional Consults!
Nutritional Consults!

Nutritional consulting and meal plan development: Navigate the daunting world of dog food and choose the best fuel for your friend! We’ll discuss your dog’s nutritional needs, their personal preferences, the canine digestive system and what additional foods or supplements to keep your bud feeling their best! Dogs with digestive issues are provided with tools to track issues and identify causation of digestive upset. Cost is $50. Email for more information! Nutritional Consultant: Liz White, CBCC-KA

New Saturday Hours!
New Saturday Hours!

Beginning September 1st, our Saturday hours of operation changed! The front lobby area will be closed from 10am - 2pm.
Drop Off: 9am - 10am
Pick Up: 2pm - 4pm

Drop Off: 8:00am - 10:00am
Pick Up: 8:00am - 10:00am or 2pm - 4pm


Fees and Process