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Training FAQs


Q: How often should we meet?

A: Each dog is different! Many owners find weekly sessions helpful to stay on track. Some dogs (and humans!) may need a little more time between sessions, and that’s perfectly fine. We can discuss training schedules that fit your needs best.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept cash, checks, or Visa/Mastercard.

Q: What if we need another dog in our sessions?

A: No problem! If you have a friend that wants to help, bring them along! If not, we can meet using a helper dog to work on your dog’s reaction when seeing others. Meeting at public parks can also we a wonderful option to work on public manners

Q: My dog has bitten a person/dog. Is this a problem?

A: We can work together! We will discuss safety measures to put in place prior to our first meeting to ensure the safety of all present. Off The Leash is here to help but does reserve the right to discontinue lessons if safety measures are not being adhered to.

Q: I’ve seen cheaper services elsewhere. Why OTL?

A: Buyer Beware- there is no legal qualification to call yourself a ‘Dog Trainer’ in RI or MA! Liz White, our head trainer and behaviorist, is a Certified Behavioral Consultant, Canine (CBCC-KA) a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and works to constantly improve her education on the latest scientific research pertaining to learning theory and canine behavior. We feel when it comes to training, you get what you pay for!

Q: I have 4 other dogs, 6 children, and 2 parrots. Should we all attend the training?

A: While having the whole ‘pack’ on the same page is important, keep in mind each variable you introduce to the training environment makes learning a little more difficult for both you and your dog. For at least the first session, consider having other family dogs sit the hour out. While kiddos are very important to the training process, having a back up plan if we need adult time is important!

Q: I don’t see group classes being offered- why?

A: Off The Leash has moved to offering Private Lessons rather than group classes. Our clients have reported a higher level of satisfaction with the customized approach that Private Lessons make possible. We enjoy the ability to help you and your dog accomplish your unique goals quickly and in the manner you learn best!


Q: I’ve heard that it is very important to show your dog you are the Alpha. Is this something you can help with?

A: Alpha or Dominance Theory focuses on showing a dog that their owner is the alpha in the pack and must be submitted to at all times. This theory traces its roots to a Swiss behaviorist in the 1930’s named Rudolph Schenkel. Schenkel placed a group of unrelated wolves in an enclosure and observed that the animals would fight. In natural conditions, a wolf pack consists of a mated male and female and their offspring. While wolves will actively submit to their elders, the elders rarely if ever force dominance. The Schenkel study was later discredited by scientists observing wolf pack dynamics in the wild, however Schenkel’s study was adopted and extrapolated to explain dog and human interactions by military dog trainers. While it is true that causing an animal fear by foreabley dominating them may result in a creature that is subordinate (and, due to the fear, less predictable and confident), it does not create a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Off The Leash focuses on creating a positive relationship with clear rules and expectations on both the dog and human’s parts.

Q: Can positive reinforcement based training really help my dog with their behavioral issues? Wouldn’t the use of a prong, choke or e-collar help my dog?

A: Like many dogs, many humans have a pang of social anxiety when meeting new humans- especially those they are intimidated by! Many people have experienced stuttering, forgetfulness, or ‘Oh my gosh, what did I just say?!’ when meeting new people. Imagine that a close friend noted this behavior in you and suggested that you implement an electrical shock each time you ‘mess up’ during an introduction. We at Off The Leash feel that you may not have the best reaction- and this goes for your dog as well!


By using positive reinforcement techniques such as counter conditioning and progressive desensitization, we can help dogs with a wide range of behavioral concerns. If you’d like further information regarding the pro’s and con’s of adversive based training please let us know. We’d be happy to share peer reviewed research and discuss options for your dog.

This Months Features!

Nutritional Consults!
Nutritional Consults!

Nutritional consulting and meal plan development: Navigate the daunting world of dog food and choose the best fuel for your friend! We’ll discuss your dog’s nutritional needs, their personal preferences, the canine digestive system and what additional foods or supplements to keep your bud feeling their best! Dogs with digestive issues are provided with tools to track issues and identify causation of digestive upset. Cost is $50. Email for more information! Nutritional Consultant: Liz White, CBCC-KA

New Saturday Hours!
New Saturday Hours!

Beginning September 1st, our Saturday hours of operation changed! The front lobby area will be closed from 10am - 2pm.
Drop Off: 9am - 10am
Pick Up: 2pm - 4pm

Drop Off: 8:00am - 10:00am
Pick Up: 8:00am - 10:00am or 2pm - 4pm