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Off The Leash 

Behavior Modification

Off The Leash is here to help for anxiety, aggression, and other serious behavioral concerns. We understand that loving a dog with behavioral challenges can be stressful for all involved. We use time test, scientifically proven methods to phase out undesirable behaviors and teach owners and dogs new skills for dealing with problematic situations.

We help owners whose dogs:

  • Are leash reactive

  • Have separation anxiety

  • Have human directed aggression

  • Are destructive in the home

  • Are experiencing other troublesome behavioral issues


Behavioral Modification Plans are constructed during your first 90 minute consultation session and implemented during your subsequent 1 hour sessions.

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Off the Leash is proud to offer only positive reinforcement based training and does NOT employ the use of aversive methods such as E-collars, prong collars, or choke collars regardless of the behavior that needs addressing.

Please contact us today to help your dog on the road to recovery.

Pricing:  Behavioral Modification Sessions are $150 each (including initial 90 minute consultation).

Trainer:  Liz White,  CBCC-KA

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