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Meet Nikita!  ❤️

Nikita came into our lives on December 12th, 2015 as “Snickers” from, a GA-based rescue that saves dogs from animal control facilities with very high euthanasia rates.  The runt of a litter of 5 Catahoula Curs rescued from coastal Georgia, Nikki first caught our eye online – she’s the little cutie climbing out of the crate below:
Out first rescue, Drew, had our hearts lock, stock and barrel, and he was a lovable yellow lab greyhound in his senior years (who, by the way, was one of Off The Leash’s very first clients!) – he needed a sibling and his new 12-week old sister Nikki loved him dearly!
Nikki followed in her big brother’s footsteps, going to Clicker Training and eventually becoming part of her loving OTL family after Drew passed away.  Nikki is a fierce house guard, her favorite place (besides OTL) is a big cranberry bog in Yarmouth and she knows 2 speeds – fast and faster!  For all her rambunctiousness, she is full of love and happiness and loves her OTL caretakers – especially Vanessa, who pampers and pretties her!  Her dads are wicked proud that Nikki is OTL’s Dog of the Month for July!

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