Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?

A: While every dogs grooming requirements are different, we generally ask for a 3 hour window to ensure the highest quality groom possible.  This allows us ample time to thoroughly check your dog for any abnormalities, provide a relaxing environment to reduce anxiety and groom to your specifications.


Q: Does my dog have to be in a crate?

A: For the safety of your pet and other pets who may be visiting with us at the same time, we do crate and abide by a strict “no contact” environment between dogs.  We try to minimize the amount of time your pet will spend in a crate by working by appointment only.  We also call 15 minutes prior to your pet being completed to ensure a speedy pick up.


Q: Can my dog stay all day while I’m at work?

A: While we understand that scheduling conflicts can happen, due to our limited space we don’t recommend pets spending the day in the salon.  We allow a 1 hour window for finished dogs to be picked up without incurring an additional fee.  Under special circumstances we do offer an “After Care Fee” if the situation does arise.


Q: How often should my dog be groomed?

A: While all dogs have different grooming requirements, we generally recommend regular scheduling for most dogs every 4 to 8 weeks.  A healthy coat is an essential part of your pets overall health and should be maintained regularly.  We also highly recommend committing to a reoccurring schedule.  Because we are by appointment only, availability is limited, appointments schedule quickly and are on a first come first serve basis. 


Q: Am I supposed to tip my groomer?

A: If you feel that the services provided have met your needs and you are satisfied with your overall experience with us, tips are greatly appreciated but are never required.  If you do decide to tip your groomer please note that we only accept cash tips and are unable to process tips on a debit or credit card.


Q: What happens if I can’t make my appointment?

A: Cancellations are always a disappointment to us, but we understand things happen.  If you find that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice in order to avoid a cancellation fee.  This allows us plenty of time to fill your spot with a potential waitlisted client.  Furthermore if you find you are running late the day of your scheduled appointment, we ask that you please call to notify us.  If you arrive 10 minutes late to your appointment without calling, a $10 late charge will be added to your groom.  If you arrive 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, out of respect for our other scheduled clients, we will reschedule your appointment to a later date in time and you will be charged a cancellation fee (50% of what your pet's grooming cost would be.)