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Off The Leash

Minding Manners & Problem Solving

Canine etiquette for the exuberant dog!

Intended for the extra-happy-to-see-you dog who is not in need of obedience training or the pup who just needs a help in one specific area at home or elsewhere.  We'll have an initial phone consult to determine the appropriate program or course of action.  This is usually done on a weekly basis, but there are some rare cases we need to work on the problem right away and in consecutive days. Each and every case will be different and this is why the initial consult is so important, so you can decide how to move forward.

Some common issues to address include: jumping when greeting people, undesirable attention seeking behaviors, and impulsive behavior... and more! 

We will only use our reward based training and latest methods to solve these problems. There is a misconception that you must use dominance and physical techniques to help your dog overcome their problems. When you use these aversive techniques you can cause more damage to your dog and further the problem. Our methods are scientifically proven to have lasting results without causing more harm to your dog.

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Details: All ages. Call to set up a consult. $100 per 1 hour session.  Optional follow up sessions.  

Trainer: Liz White, CBCC-KA

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