Meet Our Trainers

Jenni Coes, CPDT - KA

Jenni is a Nationally Certified, positive reinforcement, Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and behavior consultant committed to only force free and fear free methods. She has studied a wide variety of methodologies and remains committed to training and handling dogs without the use of e-collars, choke chains, pinch collars or anything that could hurt or cause pain or fear.  Jenni began her dog training studies in 1997 after receiving her Bachelors of Science degree in Education from Western Kentucky University.  She began her career at Petco stores in MA and was quickly promoted to Regional Training Manager for trainers on the East Coast for Animal Behavior Training Associates (now ABC). During this time, she had over 20 dog trainers apprentice with her.  Jenni currently offers her popular, private, day training programs, in client’s homes, in Southeastern MA and RI for her company Wiggle Butt University. Jenni has trained thousands of dogs using her positive and peaceful methods of dog training.


Jenni is truly dog obsessed. She shares her home with her 2 rescue dogs. Because of her own need for reliable pet care, she quickly realized there was a need for high quality pet care in southeastern MA. In 2015, she began her dog walking, pet sitting business, Peaceful Paws Pet Care, LLC.  This grew so quick that she began hiring employees, within a year of opening, which she diligently trains in many aspects of pet care and dog training.


Jenni is the trainer at Off the Leash Doggie Day Care in Attleboro MA and offers a variety of classes ranging from puppy all the way through adulthood and beyond.  She prefers to keep group Training classes small so that she can offer individualized attention to each client. 


In 2018, Jenni formed Peaceful Paws Pet Therapy, Inc. A 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization that focuses on offering dog therapy to anyone that feels they could benefit from “the love only a dog can bring”. Peaceful Paws Pet Therapy is a very active pet therapy group that visits schools, nursing homes, hospitals, group homes, libraries and individual’s homes.


In her free time, Jenni enjoys live music, hiking, camping and just hanging out in nature with her dogs. She volunteers her time to a variety of animal organizations. She also enjoys traveling back to her hometown in Kentucky and Exploring all of New England! 


Jenni can be reached at or by calling, (508) 451-6779.

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Dianne Lotti, CPDT - KA

My love of dogs and all animals started at a very young age. I was the neighborhood animal caregiver. Anytime a wild animal was abandoned or injured it was brought to me where I nursed it back to health. This is when I knew I wanted to work with animals.


As soon as I was old enough I got a job working for a local Veterinarian. What a great experience, so much so I went to college received a degree in Animal Science and continued to work as a Veterinarian Technician for another 12 years.


While I do have a corporate career, I am back doing what I truly love which is working with the dogs as a certified dog trainer. I am a graduate of the Animal Behavior College (ABC) dog-training program specializing in puppy training and obedience training. I also received the CPDT-KA certification as well as became an AKC Evaluator, #102403.


I recognize each owner and each dog learns in different ways. I will create an environment for success by using behavioral science backed, humane and force free reward based training methods. I encourage the whole family to get involved. I will work with and educate you so you gain the knowledge and confidence to create that special bond with your dog.


I look forward to assisting you with reaching your goals for a well-mannered family companion.

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